A-Life Simulation

In nature, there are several species of ants known as slaver ants. These species are largely incabable of taking care of themselves and, instead, enslave other colonies of ants to work for them. Watch artificial life principles applied to NPC character behavior in a video game.


Artificial Life

Artificial Life Programming involves breaking accepted programming paradigms in the software engineering field and moving forward with paradigms that mirror life systems. A-Life programming is revising the traditional scientific approach by simulating biological phenomena in digital environments to model biology and to extend the concepts of computing power into distributed computing networks that operate using biological theory.

The University of Advancing Technology (UAT) offers both graduate and undergraduate studies in A-Life. Either track is appropriate for students interested in computer science, database development, game programming, mathematics or similar areas of knowledge.

For innovative thinkers seeking a wide range of programming possibilities in a changing world, Artificial Life Programming has exciting opportunities and endless possibilities.

Artificial Life vs. Artificial Intelligence

In order to begin an exploration into the world of Artificial Life Programming, it helps to start with a vision of what it is. Of equal importance to the nature and purpose of A-Life is how it differs from Artificial Intelligence.

According to the International Society for Complexity, Information, and Design (ISCID):

Artificial Life does overlap with Artificial Intelligence but the two areas are very different in their approach and history. Artificial Life is concerned with specific life-oriented algorithms such as genetic algorithms which can mimic nature and its laws and therefore relates more to biology, whereas Artificial Intelligence tends to look at how human intelligence can be replicated, therefore relating more to psychology. (

Artificial Life History and Resources

If you are new to this subject, or want to learn more about A-Life or A-Life research, we offer a broad range of resources: links to A-Life organizations, publications and a list of related books and films. In addition, we offer a historical overview of this growing discipline, look at how A-Life experts themselves view this unique discipline and illuminate jobs in the field.

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